Learning with us

All videos have been produced by our TGSL Team

Some of these videos look different to others. When we started, it was during lockdown times and we used webcams and kept the format basic . We now have better cameras and skills and add more interesting footage. We film people in interviews and doing things in their homes and community.

We are also getting much more confident with speaking to camera and being filmed. We’ve gotten better with practice and working as a team where we are all supporting each other to do better and grow.


Courses are set into three parts
Each course has 3 short sections so you can have a break between each part.

The course information shows a total time in minutes for the videos - this is not the total learning time. After the videos there are some multiple-choice questions about what was in the video.  You can answer again if you don’t get it right the first time, it’s just to remind you of the important information.

Some of the videos also suggest an activity for you to do – like making a list of things that are important to you. There is a workbook for each course that you can download and print for these activities.

You might like to do the course together with a support worker, friend or family member.


Value for money

We have made some of our learning courses free.

Other courses cost $60 each, which is about the same as an hour of support work.

A receipt will be sent to you by email , you might need to check your junk mail. You will need to send the receipt to your plan manager or to claim on the NDIS portal if you are self-managed.

Before claiming on your NDIS plan, look at the Can I buy it? checklist that The Growing Space has created, it is adapted from page 8 of the NDIS guide to self-management. 

The Can I buy it? checklist is to help people know how they are allowed to use their NDIS funds.

If you have a plan manager, check with them first. They will probably claim from:

·        Self-Management Capacity Building - 01_134_0117_8_1 (Core), or

·        Training For Carers/Parents - 15_038_0117_1_3 (Capacity Building)


Courses are updated when things change.

Sometimes NDIS rules or information changes.  We check and edit our videos and resources often, so the information you get from us should be up to date.  But if you notice something isn't right, please email Learning@TheGrowingSpace.com.au and let us know so we can get it fixed!


Learn at your pace

Once you create a log in to the Learning platform you can start a course and come back later to finish it. You can also watch the videos again later.

If you have any technical trouble, please email Learning@TheGrowingSpace.com.au  We check this this inbox during most weekdays, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


We value your feedback

You can rate our courses and provide feedback. This will help other people decide if the course will be useful for them.

You can also email us at Learning@TheGrowingSpace.com.au to tell us what you think of our courses, and how they have been useful to you, or what we could do better with our next courses. We are all about learning and growing.

We are also interested in hearing what other courses you would like us to work on.