Getting Out and Involved In Your Community

Building connections and belonging.

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Created by The Growing Space Learning Last updated Wed, 22-Nov-2023 English
What will I learn?

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Get Ready: Starting out when you feel out of practice
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This is a course to help you think about ways to make connections by get out and involved in your community.  

In this course you will learn,

  • Starting out when you feel out of practice
  • Accessibility - Spaces and places that meet your needs
  • Taking a support worker out and about with you
  • Exploring what's on, things to do, places to go
  • Making connections
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We are disabled people and families supporting our peers to live a full inclusive life in the community with choice and control.

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  • Wed, 15-Feb-2023
    Zachary Colton
  • Thu, 31-Aug-2023
    Lisa Yates
    Angela, Taryn and participants have done a fantastic job in the videos, explaining clearly and concisely the approach and support available for approaching and accessing community connections. The workbook was easy to follow and there were no expectations of a "right" or "wrong" answer which took pressure off me enough to be completely honest about my answers and challenges. The step-by-step approach was easy to follow, and I loved the addition of the Spoon Theory. All in all, I really enjoyed this course and I hope to complete more like this in the near future.
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